Navid Zanjani



Navid Zanjani


Partner at Southern Blue Strategies

Navid Zanjani was born and raised in Houston, Texas and graduated with a double-bachelors from the University of Houston in Economic and Political Science.  Navid has always been passionate about giving back to his local community and wanted to do so by community organizing. He gained his first experiences of community organizing and campaigning during the 2008 elections while he was a staffer for President Barack Obama. Following the election, he joined the Democratic National Committee (DNC) under the President’s special project called Organizing for America.

Following his work at the DNC, he became the Director of an advanced project for The Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials and in 2012, he became the Executive Director of the Harris County Democratic Party in the third largest county in the nation. He then took his talent to work as Special Projects Manager for Council Member Robert Gallegos.

Since working at the City of Houston, he has done work on an assortment of campaigns from being the Chief Digital Strategist for a state-wide campaign to most recently the Field Director and Political Director for Congresswoman Lizzie Fletcher’s campaign.

He has served as the President of the Harris County Young Democrats, National Committeeman for the Young Democrats of America, and a member of the White House Texas Leadership Roundtable. Currently, he is a partner at Southern Blue Strategies, a public relations and political consulting firm.