What is the Civic Engagement Forum?

PAAIA’s Civic Engagement Forum takes place in several locations throughout the country, bringing together Iranian Americans from across the United States to learn about getting involved in their communities. The program aims to celebrate the achievements of Iranian Americans and empower aspiring leaders to get involved in public service, advocacy, or run for office. The annual event in our nation's capital will be complemented by regional events throughout the country that bring speakers and training sessions to those unable to make the trip to DC.


What is PAAIA's Civic Engagement Initiative?

PAAIA’s Civic Engagement Initiative is a program committed to encouraging and enabling Iranian Americans to get involved as concerned members of their communities, both nationally and locally. We highlight the success stories of Iranian Americans actively involved in public service and encourage other Iranian Americans to participate in this space. PAAIA’s ultimate objective is to increase the number of Iranian Americans involved in civic engagement. Elements and objectives of this initiative include:

  • Hosting an annual Civic Engagement Forum, including 2-4 regional events per year
  • Organizing a network of elected officials, Iranian Americans that work in politics or public service, are civically engaged, or have a demonstrated interest in pursuing such a career path
  • Inspiring and empowering Iranian Americans to run for or be appointed to public office
  • Building a database of Iranian Americans interested in running for office and connect them with mentors, training programs, and support.



Parking is available at Wilbur Field Garage - 560 Wilbur Way, Stanford, CA - located underneath Wilbur Field.

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Stanford University
Paul Brest Hall

  • Address
    555 Salvatierra Walk, Stanford, CA 94305

Why should I attend the Stanford University Regional Event?

With a fantastic lineup of speakers, our second-ever regional event is set to be a highly inspiring conference that will leave a positive impact on attendees. It will also provide a valuable opportunity to meet, connect, and network with fellow Iranian American leaders working in public service. 


Information regarding sponsors will be updated in the next few weeks.